Shinto Background

Shinto Background

Meet Rio (the one in between Daniel and Robbie). He has come every night and was determined to come every night. He is from Japan, a high school student at HMA and is studying English there. He has no Christian background – in fact his family is Shinto. At first he had no interest towards Christianity, however, as time passed he said he began to have interest in Christianity. About a couple of months ago, Daniel went to the ESL Bible class at HMA and did a little magic trick that tied in with the Bible. At the end, Daniel asked for interest in Bible studies… Rio was the first one to raise his hand. At the series, he said he wants to get baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. Rio is on fire, hungry for the Word of God, and is eager to learn more about Jesus. Please keep him in your prayers as he begins his Christian journey.


Sweet Family

Sweet Family

Meet the Furuto Family. They are a genuine family wanting biblical truth. Just recently, Al Furuto was looking up Adventism on the internet and saw that we kept Saturday as the Sabbath day. After we saw him, he was basically telling us of how the other churches were not keeping the Sabbath day as Saturday and that they were basically breaking the commandments of God. He really loves how Adventists try to keep close to the Bible as much as possible. Both him and his wife stood up for baptism on the last night.

The Value of Teams

The Value of Teams

Every night there were set teams for different nights. They ALL were good teams, helping people feel comfortable, registering them, showing them where to sit, etc. We worked with a very cooperative group, and we couldn’t have asked for a better team then these people.

The Different Teams:
Robbie was especially blessed to have an amazing register team. The team was always ready to go, were always a step ahead, and ready to register new comers 🙂


Music team:
We were also very blessed with different special musics from all kinds of people. The Pastor would sing and the church members would sing to help prepare our hearts. We were also blessed with 2 guest singers: Lila Cervantas (from Aiea Church) and Candice Tuazon (Teacher at SoulsWest)

Audio and visual:
Every night Uncle Walden was faithfully coming into the meetings and setting up the audio for us. We loved his jokes that would make us laugh 🙂 And for the visual: Pastor, Robbie and Miguel would try their best in making sure everything was recorded and streamed.

From sunshine to rain, they were a happy group of people. They helped everyone with what ever they needed help with. Ready to serve when given an order. These Men of Valor were a big blessing to have to make us feel like home.


Food Suppliers:
An army cannot run on an empty stomach! Every night these people would prep and clean-up the food. They were faithful to the end, and the people were happy with the amazing food given to us every night!

Children’s program:
We are very thankful for the children’s program. For the kids that went to the children’s program, they were blessed even though they weren’t able to “attend” the meetings. Every night there was a children’s program, and sometimes a guest would appear out of no where and they needed their child to go to the children’s program.

The work could not have been done without the church members help every night, making an effort to come despite their busy schedule. It’s very true when it is said that every member of the church body is important, from small to big roles, everyone was needed to make the seminar a success. Praise the Lord ^_^

What a Journey. What more can I say?

This is has been a wondrous journey for the both of us since we have started our series. Here is an update of whats been going on so far:What a Journey. What more can I say?

People Registered: About 110 people.
Average people coming a night: 50 people.
Average of new people so far: 5-7 (this includes Adventist members from different churches and Non-Adventist people)

There has been 6 meetings so far, and now we have 10 left! We’ve talked to one individual and they started tearing up after the messages that were given, we have about 2 people who are really wanting to be baptized, non-adventist people are inviting their friends to the series, we have a good group of people consistently coming to the series, people who have questions and wanting answers.

Every night we have been giving free prizes/free gifts. Just this past night we gave a special prize to those who came 5 nights! Those who won had an option for either a “Prophecy Set” or a “Peace Set”.

God has been blessing, and this has been an amazing journey. We appreciate the prayers and we ask that you may keep us in prayer and the people in prayer. More prayer means more power! We are excited to see what more blessings God has in store as we go on with the rest of the Series. What a journey, what more can I say?


Here is the Link to the recorded meetings:

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

The week before the Series has been a consuming week for both of us. All we did was prepare, prepare, and prepare for our first Series together! We prepared power points, registrations, musics, and all the other things needed to successfully run a Evangelistic Series. This week was probably one of the fastest week we have ever experienced, but it was a blessing as we told our study contacts and as we passed out flyers through out the week as well. Check this website for the meetings that have been recorded:

Out Of No Where – 2/15/14

Out Of No Where - 2/15/14

Meet Blayne and Ty. Blayne searched for an Adventist church because he wanted to come back to Adventism. He saw there was one in manoa and he also listened to Pastor Mark’s sermon online. One Sabbath they came, Robbie was preaching and Daniel was translating that day, they were convicted of the message and they both went out with us on outreach that day. One desires to renew and further their walk with God and the other recently became a Christian. Out of no where they came and it was a Sabbath Blessing for all of us.

Flyers Gotta Fly

Flyers Gotta Fly

The Flyers came in last Wednesday, and the Bible workers have been passing these flyers out ever since. Just yesterday (Sunday – 2/9/14), the Bible workers from the Aiea church came and helped us pass out these flyers. We were able to pass out 2 boxes and a little more! That is about 3,000 flyers from JUST yesterday.
This past Saturday we invited the church members to participate. Their goal was to give somewhere between 10-20 flyers each! Not only that, but we had a church outreach as well, where they had a chance to go door-to-door passing out the flyers.
The Bible workers have also visited the Highschool (HMA) and the elementary school and left a stack of Flyers to give to the students! We were also able to talk to other churches besides Adventist churches and leave a few flyers for their friends and families as well (:
The Flyers gotta Fly. We have less then 2 weeks left to let the people know that the “Jesus Care Plan” seminar is coming soon. We are praying that these flyers will fall into the right hands at the right time. We know and believe that God will bless because some of the people we have met while passing out these flyers have told us that they will be there. Keep us the flyers and the people who receive this in prayers (:


Meet one of Robbie’s first few contacts. He has accepted the Sabbath, is going to church every Sabbath, and is willing to pass out a few flyers to his family and friends. Praise the Lord! Clifford has been a blessing and the church members have gotten to know him more and more as he continually comes.IMG_0818

Caregiver Filipino

Caregiver Filipino

She used to give Bible studies and actively do mission work in the Philippines. She was inspired and encouraged that a young person is actively doing ministry. Daniel has been studying the Bible with her, her husband, and the patient since the first week. In this picture they were studying Daniel chapter 2. Since they have been studying the Bible with Daniel, they have been enjoying the studies and have seem to study the Bible more for themselves now!

Awesome Family

Awesome Family

Robbie’s own words:
“I have been blessed in studying with this family. They have been consistent in their studies with me, and have been taking notes as well. They are always wanting to learn, and as I “teach” them about the Bible, they are also teaching me different things as we study together. While to them I may seem a blessing, they are also a big blessing to me (:”