What a Journey. What more can I say?

This is has been a wondrous journey for the both of us since we have started our series. Here is an update of whats been going on so far:What a Journey. What more can I say?

People Registered: About 110 people.
Average people coming a night: 50 people.
Average of new people so far: 5-7 (this includes Adventist members from different churches and Non-Adventist people)

There has been 6 meetings so far, and now we have 10 left! We’ve talked to one individual and they started tearing up after the messages that were given, we have about 2 people who are really wanting to be baptized, non-adventist people are inviting their friends to the series, we have a good group of people consistently coming to the series, people who have questions and wanting answers.

Every night we have been giving free prizes/free gifts. Just this past night we gave a special prize to those who came 5 nights! Those who won had an option for either a “Prophecy Set” or a “Peace Set”.

God has been blessing, and this has been an amazing journey. We appreciate the prayers and we ask that you may keep us in prayer and the people in prayer. More prayer means more power! We are excited to see what more blessings God has in store as we go on with the rest of the Series. What a journey, what more can I say?


Here is the Link to the recorded meetings:


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