Flyers Gotta Fly

Flyers Gotta Fly

The Flyers came in last Wednesday, and the Bible workers have been passing these flyers out ever since. Just yesterday (Sunday – 2/9/14), the Bible workers from the Aiea church came and helped us pass out these flyers. We were able to pass out 2 boxes and a little more! That is about 3,000 flyers from JUST yesterday.
This past Saturday we invited the church members to participate. Their goal was to give somewhere between 10-20 flyers each! Not only that, but we had a church outreach as well, where they had a chance to go door-to-door passing out the flyers.
The Bible workers have also visited the Highschool (HMA) and the elementary school and left a stack of Flyers to give to the students! We were also able to talk to other churches besides Adventist churches and leave a few flyers for their friends and families as well (:
The Flyers gotta Fly. We have less then 2 weeks left to let the people know that the “Jesus Care Plan” seminar is coming soon. We are praying that these flyers will fall into the right hands at the right time. We know and believe that God will bless because some of the people we have met while passing out these flyers have told us that they will be there. Keep us the flyers and the people who receive this in prayers (:


Meet one of Robbie’s first few contacts. He has accepted the Sabbath, is going to church every Sabbath, and is willing to pass out a few flyers to his family and friends. Praise the Lord! Clifford has been a blessing and the church members have gotten to know him more and more as he continually comes.IMG_0818


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