The Value of Teams

The Value of Teams

Every night there were set teams for different nights. They ALL were good teams, helping people feel comfortable, registering them, showing them where to sit, etc. We worked with a very cooperative group, and we couldn’t have asked for a better team then these people.

The Different Teams:
Robbie was especially blessed to have an amazing register team. The team was always ready to go, were always a step ahead, and ready to register new comers 🙂


Music team:
We were also very blessed with different special musics from all kinds of people. The Pastor would sing and the church members would sing to help prepare our hearts. We were also blessed with 2 guest singers: Lila Cervantas (from Aiea Church) and Candice Tuazon (Teacher at SoulsWest)

Audio and visual:
Every night Uncle Walden was faithfully coming into the meetings and setting up the audio for us. We loved his jokes that would make us laugh 🙂 And for the visual: Pastor, Robbie and Miguel would try their best in making sure everything was recorded and streamed.

From sunshine to rain, they were a happy group of people. They helped everyone with what ever they needed help with. Ready to serve when given an order. These Men of Valor were a big blessing to have to make us feel like home.


Food Suppliers:
An army cannot run on an empty stomach! Every night these people would prep and clean-up the food. They were faithful to the end, and the people were happy with the amazing food given to us every night!

Children’s program:
We are very thankful for the children’s program. For the kids that went to the children’s program, they were blessed even though they weren’t able to “attend” the meetings. Every night there was a children’s program, and sometimes a guest would appear out of no where and they needed their child to go to the children’s program.

The work could not have been done without the church members help every night, making an effort to come despite their busy schedule. It’s very true when it is said that every member of the church body is important, from small to big roles, everyone was needed to make the seminar a success. Praise the Lord ^_^


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