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Daniel Fukuda 

Daniel Fukuda

My name is Daniel Fukuda. I was born on August 24, 1993 in Loma Linda, California. I lived in Japan for 3 years from 1st grade~3rd grade. I graduated Loma Linda Academy, studied Theology at Southern Adventist University for one year, and currently studying at Souls West Bible College, Seventh-day Adventist outreach leadership training center. I am the youngest of four siblings. Some of my hobbies include exercise, reading, and magic tricks. Some of my unique skills include black belt in martial arts and diploma from the Chavez Studio of Magic (Magic College). My current passion in life is to study the Bible and share the good news of Jesus Christ with as many people as I can.

How did I become interested in evangelism? Growing up, I was blessed with the influence of many spiritually strong, faithful, and happy friends and family members. I have always had a positive mindset towards God and church because of the people around me during my childhood. Although I believed in God and enjoyed church, I did not  have any personal desire or reason to do evangelism until the day when there was a change in my siblings’ lives. After a summer of col-porteuring (selling literature about Jesus by going door-to-door and offering prayers and Bible studies), my siblings’ lives were changed.

The way they acted and lived was very different from the way they lived before the col-porteur experience. I was very shocked and puzzled. I wanted to know and find out for myself why they changed. The following summer, I decided to sign up for the summer col-porteur program called YouthRush. During that summer, I was able to experience God in a personal way and I found joy in studying the Bible. I was able to understand the love of God in a deep and personal way. The Word of God’s power to change lives was made clear to me.

Since that summer, I have purposed in my heart to be actively involved in evangelism until the day of Jesus Christ… Until that day when the heavens roll like a scroll, the skies filled with thousands and thousands of angels, and Jesus Christ riding on the clouds with glory and power. I am excited for that day which is soon approaching! My greatest desire in life is to see Jesus come back soon in our lifetime, to put an end to sin and usher in the everlasting kingdom of God. My prayer is that you will also choose Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. May God bless you!

Robbie Bacolod


Aloha! I am from Ceres, California about 2 hours north from another city called Fresno. I am currently a student attending a Bible College called SoulsWest! I have been there for about a year now and I have a half a year left until I graduate this coming August. I have been privileged to work here in Hawaii, as it is my first time working here and even setting foot here! I come from a musical family, so I will be using my guitar and piano skills throughout the time here. I am, most of all, excited to see what plans God has in store for the church members and the new church members to come!

I was originally born in Louisiana. For the majority of my life, I have moved around to several different places. The longest I have been in one home now is 4 years. I have been through Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Philippines, and California.

Fortunately, the reason we moved so much was because my parents wanted a good place to live  for their kids. There are only 2 children in the family, and I am the youngest one. And because of their determination to take care of their kids, my mother grew us in a Adventist home as much as possible. Her efforts were not in vain.

As a result, I have consistently been interested in godly things, though I admit the world still had a hold on me. As I grew older, the worldly things became of less interest and heavenly things have become more real in my life. Though temptations do arise because I am human, I have realized that there is no greater joy then being in our Father’s will. I still have a lot to learn! More then I can imagine, but there is determination to strive for what is true, and to stay in the right path.

I have been given the opportunity in doing multiple ministries. Music plays the bigger part in ministry as I have led worships and played/sang in churches, small gatherings, vespers, hospitals, different conferences. I have also had an opportunity to be a col-poteur (Literature Evangelism) which played a big part  in my conversion, and I was a leader in a summer program full of col-poteurs. I have also done very small worships here and there. Yet it all started, because of my mothers determination to keep me in a godly environment.

The big step that brought me into the church and that helped me fall in love with Jesus, was because of how one person took the time to do Bible Studies with me. And now I’m here to do the same with the people of Hawaii. I pray and hope that I may be a blessing in reaching others, just as that one person was used to reach me. Blessings ^_^

I said I was Musical right? Here is a playlist for you to listen to (: Click on the link: “Joyful Calm” – A Piano Project 

Here is info of our school: SoulsWest


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