The Very First Study Contact

The Very First Study Contact

Daniel’s own words:
“I started studying the Bible with an elderly lady in Manoa, Hawaii. She has gone through a lot in life. Cheating, betrayal by family, husband died recently, son is a vegetable state due to a tragic accident 20 years ago, and recently her niece stole all her money from the bank and took off, she has heart problems, one of her eyes is blind due to stress, she hasn’t gone to church for over 20 years…She was questing God, she was saying “Why God, If you are there…” Before she finished her sentence, I happen to knock on her house at that moment and offer personal Bible studies.

She said, “God sent you here… I don’t know why so many things happen to my life, but now at least I know that God exists.”

Praise the Lord! Daniel has been studying with her and she has been blessed in studying more and more of God’s Character.


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